jan andries

Petits fours

We offer several kinds of petits fours :

  • mini- profiteroles
  • mini- shortcrust with strawberries or raspberries
  • mini-creations with chocolates and /or fruit / * also possible in individual portion ** also possible in individual portion and in cake from 4 persons to…


  • Crispy rice
  • Chocolate biscuit
  • Vanilla crème brûlée
  • Dark chocolate mousse (70% cacao)


  • Fine crumbled biscuit
  • Creamy pistachio mixture
  • Hazelnut mousse


  • Hazelnutbiscuit
  • Creamy milk chocolate mixture with banana
  • Milk chocolate mousse with caramel
  • Caramel ganache with crispy toffee

Pomme Vanille*

  • Almond biscuit
  • Whipped ganache of white chocolate with vanilla
  • Granny Smith-apple with ginger


  • Almond biscuit with pieces of crispy raspberry


  • Chocolate biscuit
  • Dark chocolate mousse (70% cacao)
  • Caramel with vanilla