jan andries

A passion for naturally fermented bread

May 07, 2015

Our selection of naturally fermented bread

After more than 20 years of mass-producing breads, we’ve decided to go back to basics and do an apprenticeship with colleagues from the Loiret region in France.

The results are now available in our shop: back to a pure loaf, made with high quality grains and produced through a slow, natural fermentation. The wheats and other grains we’re using now are organically grown and carry the French “Label Rouge” quality label.*

These grains are stone ground and cold milled, producing a flour that is rich in minerals and fibers and ideally suited to produce highly nutritious loafs.

We’re also using slow and natural fermentation, no added yeast. The dough is kneaded slowly and allowed to rise for at least 18 hours to allow texture and flavour to develop. After baking this produces a loaf with robust flavours and a thick, crunchy crust.

  • *CRC = culture et ressources contrôlées (controlled sources & cultivation)
  • grains are grown in France, away from polluted areas
  • no pesticides allowed during cultivation, no insecticides during storage
  • under constant control from the ministry of agriculture - quality guaranteed by the “Label Rouge”