jan andries


Chocolate bars


  • marzipan roll
  • marzipan with chocolate
  • marzipan with hazelnut paste



  • lollypop in white, milk or dark chocolate

Hazelnut paste


  • You can fill the giftbox with a lot of tasty things like chocolates, cake, biscuits, marshmallows, etc

Fruit gums


  • Always tasty with a cup of coffee
  • chocolate cake with chocolate sauce
  • orange cake with coconut shreds
  • lemon cake

Truffles of dark chocolate

Chocolate cakes with soft meringue

  • Shortcrust of almonds with sea salt
  • Crispy shreds of hazelnut
  • Soft meringue
  • Milk or dark chocolate

Hazelnut bars

  • Hazelnut and almond paste with crispy shreds
  • Covered with white, milk or dark chocolate


  • Almond nips, crispy rice pearls, candied lemon or orange, all covered with white, milk or dark chocolate

Sweet cookie

  • Cat’s paw cookie filled with hazelnut paste or with ganache of dark chocolate
  • Shortcrust cookie
  • Almond cake
  • Crunchy cookie

Bars to break

  • Milk chocolate or dark chocolate bars with hazelnuts and almonds

Chocolate with crispy nougatine

Assorted nuts and raisins

  • Chocolate with almonds or hazelnuts, candied orange, pistachio nuts and dried cranberries


  • Candied orange peel covered with milk or dark chocolate