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Sourdough breads

Naturally fermented breads made from organically grown wheat and other grains. No additives, just flour and water. Breads are kneaded slowly and left to rise for at least 18 hours to develop flavour and texture.

Christmas & New Year's brochure

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Pure white

  • 100% pure wheat
  • delicious whit white meat, with poultry and with soft cheeses

Pure spelt

  • made with 100% spelt flour
  • source of dietary fiber
  • delicious with cold dishes, cheeses and fine meat

Tourte de Meule

  • a rustic bread
  • made of wheat milled on millstone
  • rich in minerals and fiber

Le pain des gaults

  • mixture of wheat and rye flour
  • delicious with meat and sauce and with strong cheeses


  • flower of roasted corn, Barley flour and wheat flour
  • sunflower seeds, yellow and brown linseed, sesame, chopped soya
  • Delicious with soft cheeses and fine meats

“Le terron”

  • mixture of wheat and buckwheat flour
  • low in gluten
  • delicious with fine meat, roast and fresh cheeses
  • also possible with nuts, figs and raisins (weekend)


  • made with whole unrefined wheat flour
  • rich in minerals and fiber
  • facilitates intestinal transit
  • delicious with soft or melted cheeses

soft bread

  • sugar bread
  • raisin bread
  • milk bread
  • chocolate bread

Fruit bread

  • made of spelt, pure wheat and rye flower
  • enriched with many grains, seeds and with apricots, blueberries and cranberries

soft rolls

  • sandwich
  • sandwich with chocolate drops
  • sandwich with cinnamon

Small bread roll

  • sourdough bread (white or buckwheat)
  • delicious to share at the table with soup, pasta or small dishes


  • 100% pure wheat
  • naturally fermented
  • in the traditional French way


  • naturally fermented
  • with green olives and sun-dried tomatoes

Small bread

  • with yeast : white or brown (with seeds)
  • naturally fermented : white, wholemeat, multi-grain or rye flower

Breakfast pastry

  • made with 100 % pure butter
  • croissants, pastry with raisins, pain au chocolat, almond pie, cherry & cream